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Vocational training

The goal of NieCat is to facilitate students' successful transition to life after high school. To achieve this goal, NieCat develops individual transition plans, transition education and vocational training based on each student's needs, abilities, independent living skills, personal interests and goals.

There are three components of the Transition Program:

 1. Individual Transition Plan:

NieCat develops customized, assessment-based vocational and transitional services with a focus on each student's interests, abilities, independent living skills and personal goals. By collaborating with students, families and community partners, NieCat creates opportunities for students to gain valuable work and life experience through employment, volunteer service and other types of community engagement.

2. Transition Education and Vocational Training:

NieCat incorporates transition education in each Life Plan (LP) to help students ages 23 to 35 identify career and life goals - and work to achieve them.
NieCat offers:
    • Career exploration;
    • Job skills training;
    • Work experience;
    • Service learning opportunities;
    • Supported employment;
    • Vocational skills taught across multiple settings by trained job coaches;
    • Resume writing/interviewing skills;
    • Executive functioning skills (e.g., organizing, prioritizing, time management, regulating emotions);
    • Social and communication skills development;
    • Independent living skills;
    • Personal financial management; and/or
    • Support with post-secondary options; vocational/trade school, college, and competitive employment.

Our Adult Day Training Programs provide a safe, supervised environment for young adults with disabilities and special needs. This may be the right program for individuals who need continued literacy skills and additional skills training before attempting to transition to competitive, community employment and independent living.
Our programs encourage independence while our participants learn daily living, social, pre-employment, and self-advocacy skills through age and culturally appropriate activities. Individuals are provided with training in order with paid work opportunities and vocational skills training available through local companies.

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